Software assessment

Software assessment is not a single activity, but it is a journey able to improve the company awareness of software.

This journey helps a company to understand all the aspects related to the software production that go beyond the points of view of developers, project managers, or users. Understanding in deep the software product and the related production process is a preliminary activity to optimize the resources and the impact on the customer.

Software is intangible but its effect on the customer is real and its importance is increasing in any kind of product or service.

CASE is your guide in this journey to understand the software you produce or acquire that impact your customer.

Assessment of the development process

an analysis of the process adopted by the development team to understand how software is developed and maintained. This is useful to understand how the team manages the daily activities and how a specific process is selected, customized, and followed (e.g., SCRUM).

Assessment of the product

an analysis of the source code and its evolution over time to understand in details the quality of all the components of a system. This is useful to understand where to focus the improvement activities and where defects are likely to appear.

Feature Services

We provide businesses with all financial services including financial analysis of the enterprise.

Internal process assessment

to help your development team to understand strengths and weaknesses of the process.

Internal product assessment

to evaluate the internal quality of your code and its evolution over time.

Supplier assessment

to understand the quality of an acquired asset and its maintainability over time.

Supplier monitoring

to keep a project on track with a continous evaluation of the source code and/or its development process.

Open source assessment

to select reliable external components and understand the impact of integrating them into your system.

Team capability assessment

to evaluate the competences of your team to maintain and improve the product.


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