Centre for Applied

Software Engineering

is an innovative company promoting the excellence in software production bridging cutting-edge research and industrial needs.

We focus

on the development and industrialization of methods and tools to improve software quality.​

We support

companies in the adoption of the most advanced software engineering and data science practices.​

We provide

specialized training to help your company to acquire the moste advanced and innovative technologies and apply them in everyday work.

We are the key element for the long-term sustainability of your businesses through the introduction of innovative products and services.

Competence Areas

Software assessment is an objective and quantitative analysis of the development process and of the source code able to identify strengths and weaknesses to guide the improvement of the overall customer satisfaction.

In the next few years, all new products will need to include software to remain competitive and how this digital transformation is managed will result in winning or losing market shares. Software is enabling new business models enabling the development of new products and services that need to be harmonized with the existing ones.

The amount of data available in different domains is increasing dramatically due to the increase level of automation and the low costs of transferring and storing information. However, extract information from data is not easy and requires specialized skills that need continuous update due to the fast evolution of the techniques.

Software engineering methodologies and technologies are evolving continuously and keeping developers and managers up-to-date is challenging.

Moreover, due to the pervasiveness of software and its increasing importance in any kind of business, also customers need to receive specific training to understand how interact successfully with a development team.

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